Welcome to Staminier

Staminier acquires businesses and assets at what we believe to be a discount to their intrinsic value, and to then benefit from scale: both by sharing resources between group companies but also by achieving sufficient scale to list our shares on the capital markets with sufficient liquidity to ensure that our stock can be used as a liquid currency to make further value-enhancing acquisitions and to accelerate future growth. By acquiring businesses and assets at a discount to intrinsic value we aim to rapidly enhance shareholder value.

Allied to our acquisition strategy, Staminier also provides private and public companies with business advisory, corporate finance, company turnaround and marketing services – Click here for more information

We also identify unclaimed assets worldwide and reunite them with the rightful beneficiaries – Click here for more information

Our Primary Focus - Four key Areas

Staminier Property Investment

Property Investment and Planning Gain

Staminier Treasury and Capital Markets

Treasury and Capital Markets                                        

Staminier Logistics with proven profitability and cash flow

Acquisition of Established Companies with proven profitability and cash flow

Staminier AI

Acquisition of stakes in Scalable Fast-Growing Companies

Our firm operates internationally but is focused primarily in Europe and the USA. Clients are welcomed by personal introduction only.