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Berkshire Hathaway Share Performance

In 1964 Berkshire Hathaway “A” Shares were $19 per share. On 28th May 2019 the same Shares were worth an astonishing $303,000 per Share, such that $1000 invested in 1964, would be worth almost $16m today.

Berkshire Hathaway 6 Biggest Investments

(Last annual report Dec 2018)

Apple 5.4%, Value - $40.3bn

Bank of America Brkb Staminier

Bank of America 9.5%, Value - $22.6bn

Wells Fargo 9.8%, Value - $20.7bn


Coca Cola 9.4%, Value - $18.9bn

American express 17.9%, Value - $14.5bn

US Bank Corp 9.1%, Value - $6.7bn

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