Staminier: Business Services


Equity often remains the best and most effective means to raise finance for business. In recent years, as with all sorts of fund raising, it has been difficult.

Our team has a wealth of experience raising and placing equity. In some cases we will contribute our own funds and in others we will work with our clients to source new funding from third parties

We take businesses to IPO ourselves and invest in those who do. Unlike the big investment banks we don’t charge a small fortune and keep the cream for ourselves, we instead work with you to get the best deal for everyone. We don’t believe going public needs to be as expensive as many would say it is and we strive to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Debt financing from invoice discounting to asset finance can unlock cash hidden within the assets of a company. We work with a cross-section of brokers and principals to identify and maximise business financing.

Our team also has the expertise to secure corporate funding through bond issues and long term lending.

Whether it’s buying equipment or other assets leasing can be an attractive and relatively straightforward way to secure financing.

We finance our own deals and also have access to funds available for property investment or financing.

In today’s global economy a business’ market could as easily be in Mumbai as Manchester. At Staminier we have considerable knowledge of this often complex area.

Money is often at the root of a crisis in a business. At Staminier we work to predict and manage cash flows before they become a problem. We’re experienced enough to know that plans don’t always work out and we can move quickly to provide crisis funding and cash flow solutions where needed.

Several public companies are trapped unable to raise equity funding or banking credit. At Staminier we provide funding to help public companies increase their liquidity.


Our team has assisted companies in all sorts of sectors over the years. We know how exciting it can be but also how many problems there can be. Growth is the engine that drives any business but with it come many unexpected issues. We work with management teams to help them understand where to find the growth and how to manage it.

We’re not believers in vast planning exercises and acres of wasted trees to produce reports no one reads. But we do believe that to get anywhere you need a plan.

We provide business planning advice from people who have really done it for themselves and bring that pragmatic proven advice to the table.

Business value is tied up in your product, customers and profits – the glue that sticks all that together is your brand and we believe in nurturing those precious assets.. From naming a product or business to advertising and PR we help firms make money from their brand. We create brand identities and online digital profiles. We build internet presence and run social media campaigns.

Your reputation is what people say about you when you are out of the room! We help launch products and build consumer markets. We work with company leadership to build corporate reputations and shareholder value.

Our Business Health Check tools put a business through its paces identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to know where to target resources. It’s true to say a fresh pair of eyes can be invaluable in helping a business grow.

Innovation and new product development is the key to the future of most businesses. Whether it’s a new service, an online product or a new piece of technology we bring an entrepreneur’s eye to opportunities.

Today no one is bound by geography and the world truly is open for business.. 


Many entrepreneurs and management teams at some point seek an exit strategy for their business either through an outright sale or by selling part of the business to a major investor. If the business is not necessarily right for us, we can also advise on a trade sale or stock market listing instead. 

Family businesses are making a comeback. With the increased regulation, expense and red tape surrounding public listings, many business owners have come to reconsider the value of the traditional family firm.

Today many of the world’s most successful businesses are in private family hands. Whether you need to raise money or restructure we can help. We understand the needs and dynamics of a family company and can help plan for a secure future for all.

Franchising can be an excellent way to grow a business or a product. Licensing also provides an interesting route with long term revenue streams. Or you may be considering buying a franchise yourself.

Whatever the case we can help you look at the market, create a business plan, advise on legal structures and help you raise finance.

Is it an art or a science? Well probably both! At Staminier we can explain the options and help you look at the value of your business or of the business you seek to acquire.

There’s often no right and wrong answer but it is important to get the right advice and that’s where we have particular expertise.


Turnaround is a sensitive subject and our team understands the pressures involved having been involved, often as principals, in many turnarounds over the years. At Staminier we understand the time pressures and the emotional as well as the practical issues at stake. We fund turnaround situations ourselves but also have access to funds available to help make an opportunity out of a crisis.

‘Cash is king’ the saying goes and it’s especially true when it’s in short supply in a crisis. We finance turnaround situations and understand how to create liquidity when perhaps none is obvious. We can help realise hidden value in assets and help with debtor and creditor negotiations. We can advise on balance sheet reorganisation and pre-insolvency procedures.

No one wants to see a company fail, people lose their jobs and investors lose their money. Often when a crisis hits it’s the hardest time to see the wood for the trees. If you are trying to manage your way out of trouble the pressures of the situation are immense. It’s also true that no one teaches you this stuff at business school or while you’re building a business and everyone thinks it’s embarrassing to ask for help. Staminier offer friendly and sensitive advice. We understand how insolvency can actually be used to save jobs and companies.


Having identified the target Staminier have an experienced team of negotiators who will help get the best deal and make the best choices.

Mergers can often be highly complex but at Staminier we have the experience to make the process as smooth as possible. Similar to acquisition targeting we also look for creative and innovative merger opportunities.

At Staminier we either fund acquisitions ourselves or have access to third-party funding sources for a diverse range of opportunities. Our extensive network of funders means we can often find funding faster than others and for deals that others turn down. Because we fund deals ourselves we are ready and able to move very quickly to conclude urgent transactions.

Legal and due diligence can be both time consuming and expensive. At Staminier we work with a range of carefully selected partners in the law and accountancy fields to achieve fast and cost effective results. Whilst we are not accountants or lawyers ourselves we know how to find the best and get the best from those who are.

We also provide insight into the market and competitive opportunities. Having identified the target Staminier have an experienced team of negotiators who help get the best deal and make the best choices.


At Staminier we work with a handpicked team of professionals. Whether it’s audit or specialist tax accounting we can source the most appropriate expertise.

Tax and death are the only certain things in life or so the saying goes! At Staminier we have long term relationships with tax specialists covering every area of taxation from company to personal. Whatever the need, we can find it and from someone we know and have worked with before. It’s not always the most expensive either! We look for the best advice wherever it is.

Over the years we’ve developed extensive relationships with law firms who work with us to advise on corporate and deal structures, contracts and other issues.

Disputes and litigation come up all too often in business. While we all hope to avoid them it does happen. At Staminier while we are not lawyers ourselves we understand the frustrations, not to mention the costs, that litigation brings to a business. We work with some of the leading specialist lawyers in the sector to help solve problems quickly and cost effectively.